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Our Story

The seeds for .orgCompanies were planted almost 20 years ago. .orgSource, our consulting company, grew up around the emergence of technology as a driver of future industry success.

Founder, Sherry Budziak, was an early digital enthusiast who saw an opportunity to support associations in the transition to online operations. As technology expanded into every aspect of business, that vision matured.

Today .orgCompanies takes a comprehensive approach to consulting, embracing systems integration and strategy. We also support ancillary areas of activity important to the industry’s growth.

.orgCommunity, our membership organization, was founded to help association professionals connect and keep pace in a rapidly changing environment.

Our expanding network provides a unique ability to match exceptional talent with outstanding employers. .orgWorx, our professional placement service, is a result of that opportunity.

Digital innovation is exponential, and the industry continues to evolve. Competition, redefined member needs, and demographic shifts are impacting associations of all sizes. .orgCompanies addresses those disruptors head-on. We are committed to supporting associations and their leaders to innovate, reinvent, and reach beyond superficial engagement to build lasting member relationships.